Sunday 13 August 2006

A book unwritten...

[ This was originally posted on an old blog: A book unwritten... ]

About a year ago, I wrote up the outline of a book I want to write about what it means to be an analyst and the difference between a good analyst and most analysts. ;-) You can see it below.

I want it to be a Tufte style book, very tightly written and driven by good examples. Basically practicing what it preaches.

Needless to say, it's gone pretty much unwritten, so in a Tony Robbins style of "chunking" it down into manageable parts, I'll try writing it here in very small pieces. Let's see how it goes...
The Occupation of an Analyst
Discerning the Truth from Trends, Lies and Politics.

The “why” of analysis.
  • A brief history of analytic thought.
  • The gap between facts and intuition.
The “what” of analysis.
  • The occupation of an Analyst.
  • The obligations of an Analyst
The “how” of analysis.
  • The skills of critical thought.
  • The skills of analytical calculation.
  • The skills of meaningful presentation.

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